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From Gaps to Growth in Consumer Goods

Gaps. They’re everywhere in your consumer goods supply chain. Whether it’s poor visibility on your next shipment or broken communication with suppliers, they’re making things tough.

But it doesn’t need to be. It’s time to prepare for unpredictability, meet rising consumer demands and understand your impact on the environment.

It’s time to close the gap.

Read our latest guide to find out how and unlock value for your business.

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What’s Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain Gap?

You’re facing inflationary pressures altering buying habits alongside the demands of increasingly environment-conscious consumers. Because the food and fast-moving consumer goods industries together produce more than one-third of global emissions, mainly from upstream supply chains.*

Managing this complex balancing act is only getting harder. But it doesn’t have to be.

Closing the gap on visibility, network and sustainability in the supply chain means overcoming poor communication and faltering collaboration. Understanding your impact on the environment. And ultimately, better serving your customers’ needs, expectations and demands.

Are you ready to close your gap?


of customers improved shipment visibility since working with Flexport.


saved by customers a week on average using Flexport over other freight forwarders.


of organisations agree that, "Flexport makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of my company’s supply chain".

How We Help Consumer Goods Supply Chain Customers Close Their Gaps

EMEA Closing the Gap | Estrid image

Closing the Visibility Gap With Estrid

Razor subscription company, Estrid, was facing intense pressure due to global supply chain challenges following the pandemic. Failing to fulfil orders simply wasn’t an option, so they looked to Flexport to help close the visibility gap and gain the transparency and flexibility it needed to navigate the supply chain disruptions and meet its business obligations – leading to an 80% reduction in admin time.

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Closing the Network Gap With CLOUD NINE

In the extremely competitive haircare and beauty product market, running out of stock can have devastating and knock-on effects that can cause customers to turn elsewhere. By teaming up with Flexport, CLOUD NINE was able to close the network gap by drastically simplifying the complicated and time-consuming ways it maintained its supply chain – saving 4 hours per week in tracking and monitoring shipments.

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Closing the Visibility Gap With Blokker

Falling profits and increased competition were creating tough market conditions for Dutch retailer, Blokker. It realised that in order to thrive in the long term, it needed to increase margins, so it teamed up with Flexport to close the visibility gap and restructure its supply chain and gain better control over products in transit – leading to €300k in saved supply chain costs.

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