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Now that we’ve got you started on your onboarding journey, we wanted to take the opportunity to share a few Flexport e-learnings we have found are extremely helpful in getting new shippers up and running.

  • FF 101 - Header Illustration 364x182 2x

    Freight Forwarding 101

    Learn the basics of freight forwarding, how it fits into global trade, and why companies choose freight forwarders over handling the logistics themselves.

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  • Demand Planning 101 Illustration 364x182 2x

    Demand Planning 101

    Learn how inventory forecasting can help you balance the cost of maintaining inventory and potentially running out of product.

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  • 3Column Customs 364x182 2x

    Customs 101

    Learn the purpose of customs agencies, how they differ internationally, and where customs regulations fit into the shipment lifecycle.

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