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Beat The Bottlenecks

Your Supply Chain Relies on You. Stay in Control.

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Debottlenecking the Supply Chain With Data

Watch the webinar from 25 May in which we discussed real-world logistics bottlenecks brought about by ongoing global supply chain disruption. We examined them through a data lens and suggested action plans that can be put in place to mitigate them.

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eGuide: Addressing Logistics Bottlenecks

When a seemingly simple situation leads to orders being delayed, shipments being unaccounted for, or needed information missing – you’re dealing with a logistics bottleneck. The majority of supply chain bottlenecks can be tied to one of four interconnected root causes:

Root Cause #1

Lack of End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility

Root Cause #2

Lack of Internal Processes

Root Cause #3

Lack of Central Communication

Root Cause #4

Lack of Shipment Data

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The 3 Most Common Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Watch the webinar from 20 April in which we discussed. 1) How to overcome common bottlenecks like; forecasting inaccuracies and warehouse inefficiencies. 2) Pracitical advice on optimizing your supply chain set up. 3) How to navigate bottlenecks you cannot overcome like port congestion and high rates.

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