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Air Freight

Get Reliability, Speed and Agility with Flexport Air

Maintaining a speedy supply chain is critical for enterprise business. Go from order to uplift in no time with Flexport Air Freight. Track goods in transit down to the SKU, collaborate across your entire supply chain, and more—all from the Flexport Platform.


Optimize Bookings for Changing Demand

When demand skyrockets, you need reliable schedules across global routes to meet every deadline. Flexport Air provides consistent and diverse flight options so enterprise brands can optimize their modal mix.

Deliver On Time with Flexible Bookings

Priority goods deserve priority shipping and extra care. Flexport Air Freight offers Express, Standard, and Deferred shipping times to cater to all of your business needs so you can deliver on time, every time.

Catch Issues in Time for Takeoff

When goods move at the speed of air, exceptions need to be fixed faster. The Flexport Platform offers real-time, end-to-end visibility, so you can solve for unexpected turbulence before it impacts you.


Call the Shots from Your Control Tower

Get more predictability, flexibility, and faster delivery when you ship high-priority goods with Flexport Air Freight. By using the Flexport Platform, you’ll gain access to end-to-end SKU-level visibility, intuitive planning and communication tools, robust reporting, and everything else you need to meet demand.

Exception Management

Course Correct Exceptions in Real Time

The Flexport Platform is designed to limit the impact of exceptions and help you make decisions as you receive new data. Alert your entire team with business-critical information as soon as exceptions occur. Course correct alongside your Flexport team to rebook and reduce delays further down the supply chain.


Get Predictability with Dedicated Capacity from Asia

Our charters and air cargo partnerships supplement high-frequency commercial flights to preserve on-time performance and ensure against offloads. This dramatically lowers transit times by connecting capacity-starved origins in Asia with multiple U.S. cities where a majority of e-commerce distribution hubs are based.

  • For us, being able to secure space quickly, (...) is huge from a supply perspective. With Flexport's air freight service, we're able to keep the engine running and keep fulfilling customer orders, which is the most important thing.

    Brad Audiss

    Inventory Planner

AF-11-3x - air logistics illustration


Hohe Sicherheitsstandards für Ihre Waren

Besondere Sendungen erhalten besondere Behandlung. Wir bieten Ihnen eine GPS-Sendungsverfolgung, persönliche Begleitung und Geofencing, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre wertvolle Fracht dort ankommt, wo Sie sie erwarten. Alle unsere Lagerhäuser sind Zollverschlusslager und sowohl TAPA- als auch C-TPAT-zertifiziert.

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Unkompliziertes Reporting mit nur wenigen Klicks

Kalkulieren Sie Ihre Produkteinführungen mithilfe individueller Reportings zu Kosten und Transitzeiten. Finden und prüfen Sie die Reports jederzeit mit der Schnellsuche oder erhalten Sie sie automatisch per E-Mail.

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Track and Trace Everything in One Place

Review landed costs to see how air freight pays off. Improve on-time performance, run predictive models, compare transport modes, and track shipments down to the SKU. Search, filter, and collaborate on urgent cargo in minutes. The result is milestone accuracy, validated by Flexport for a more predictable supply chain.

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Order Management

Verbessern Sie gemeinsam mit Ihren Lieferanten die Genauigkeit, Transparenz und Abwicklung Ihrer Buchungen.


Reduzieren Sie Kosten und Verzögerungen.

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