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Get pre-approved access to Walmart 2-day delivery

What is Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart is a leading eCommerce retailer, attracting shoppers with a seamless eCommerce experience and fast shipping options like Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping. Its exclusive marketplace for select sellers lets you offer your products to more than 110 million unique site visitors each month.


Walmart TwoDay Delivery

Our direct Walmart integration enables sellers to fulfill orders quickly and affordably by giving you pre-approved access to Walmart 2-day delivery at transparent rates.

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A must-offer service

Fast shipping is no longer a nice-to-have in eCommerce, it’s a necessity, and one that shoppers have come to expect. When shoppers use the fast shipping filter, they immediately eliminate competing offers without fast shipping.

Walmart 2-day delivery helps your listings gain visibility and capture last-minute shoppers, improving your conversion opportunities.

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Access to Walmart Sponsored Products

When you enable Walmart 2-day delivery with Flexport, you also get access to Walmart Sponsored Products. These are PPC ads that appear across the Walmart platform in strategic locations to draw relevant shoppers to your listings. Flexport users have access to unlimited campaigns, with up to 300 SKUs each.

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