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Automated returns management system

What does the Flexport – Loop Integration do?

The integration between Flexport and Loop is a two way integration, responsible for the following:

  • Create returns within Flexport when a return is initiated through Loop
  • Process or flag a return within Loop based on items received and inspected by Flexport

Integration Instructions


One-click integration

Easily access your return orders created on Loop by connecting it to your Flexport account.

Return processing, disposition, and inventory control all in one place

Enjoy transparent return processing updates and outcomes of inspection both in Flexport and Loop, and easily manage disposition rules in Flexport. Track your customer feedback in one place, helping you prevent returns in the future.


Drive more exchanges

With key Loop features that incentivize exchanges over refunds, returns are seen as an opportunity to complete the customer journey and provide a second chance to find the right item. Hello retained revenue!