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Order management software

What is Linnworks?

Take control of online selling with Linnworks Total Commerce platform. Linnworks helps you grow, automate and control your business, meeting customers exactly where they are and capturing every revenue opportunity. The cloud-based software seamlessly connects and automates all of the processes related to multichannel selling, allowing businesses to manage their inventory, orders and fulfillment from a single dashboard. By providing deep insights across sales channels and operations, businesses are equipped to drive profitability and growth.

Multi-channel listing and management

Manage and optimize product listings across all your selling channels.

  • Integrate all your selling channels including website, marketplaces, social media, and emerging channels
  • Multichannel inventory sync
  • Compatibility with multiple warehouse locations
  • Native shipping integrations and integrations to shipping aggregators

Inventory and order management

Be in control with a real-time view on inventory levels across all sales channels from one centralized location and process online sales from all of your selling channels

  • Book, count, assign stock in the warehouse
  • Synchronize all selling channels for a real-time view on order volume and status and manage stock availability across all channels and warehouses
  • Automate workflows with rule-based actions
  • Manage suppliers with lead times, costs, and currencies

Shipping management

Connect with Flexport and apply bespoke shipping rules to automate shipping and fulfillment.

  • Pick, pack and print labels
  • Integrate with major carriers, Flexport fulfillment centers, and more
  • Quickly compare and allocate the best shipping options for all orders


Get full visibility of your order and inventory data across key selling channels to monitor performance and growth.

  • Analyze performance within Linnworks to make better business decisions
  • Build custom reports using order / inventory data
  • Avoid overselling and overspending with accurate forecasts