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Free Up Working Capital with Flexport Factoring

Get the cash flow you need to grow. Flexport Factoring unlocks cash that’s tied up in your account receivables by paying your invoices as soon as you ship.

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Don’t let payment terms hold you back

Flexport Factoring offers a flexible solution to help you improve your working capital and accelerate business growth. By selling your commercial invoices to Flexport, you can gain access to funds faster. This enables you to confidently offer longer payment terms to your customers and win new orders without worrying about cash flow constraints.



We provide a fully digital solution: no need to visit a bank, or provide onerous documentation.

Fast & Flexible

Pay as you go, per-invoice. We’ll validate shipment data online, and provide payouts within 48 hours of validation.


Flexport Factoring is non-recourse, meaning you won't be responsible for repaying the advanced amount in case of buyer financial troubles.


We offer competitive rates and no hidden fees.

How It Works


You select which invoices you want to sell to Flexport. Once you submit your request, Flexport will confirm the shipment details online.


Within 48hrs after validation Flexport advances up to 90% of commercial invoice value to you.


Upon the invoice due date, Flexport collects payment directly from your buyer and pays out the remaining balance, minus any applicable fees, to you.

Frequently Asked Questions