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Trade Financing You Can Trust

Flexport Capital's non-dilutive, flexible trade financing helps match inventory and cash flow to revenue.

Flexport Trade Finance

Trusted By Leading Brands

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Supply Chains Are Complicated. Trade Financing Doesn't Have To Be.

Flexport Capital provides trade finance resources to companies without complex fee structures, onerous documentation or multi-month diligence processes common in traditional lending. Invest in your growth drivers, instead of floating your balance sheet on a container ship.


Importers and exporters


Invoices financed


Supplier countries served


Extend Runway

Our facilities allow you to buy inventory without using dilutive equity capital.

Free Up Cash

We enable you to access cash tied up in inventory, so you can invest more in growth.

Document Light

Our loan agreements are short and straightforward.

Flexible Limits for Seasonality

We can provide temporary increases to support your inventory build for peak season.

How Flexport Trade Finance Works


We give you a credit limit, and you finance inventory and logistics costs on as many invoices as you’d like, up to that limit.


Each invoice that you finance has a fixed term of 60-120 days.


Your outstanding balance will change over time as you pay down financed invoices and finance new invoices as they’re issued.

  • Because if we used Flexport Capital, we realized we could fuel our business by putting more inventory in our warehouses...We are growing double-digit year over year now and that is driven by more variability provided by having more capital.

    Nico Fedrigo

    Finance Director, Plugable

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