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Buyer's Consolidation

Technology Empowers Optimal Consolidation Scenario

By combining cargo from multiple suppliers destined to a single consignee, we build an optimized consolidation plan to help our customers achieve supply chain cost savings, reduce risk of damage, and improve transit time when compared to standard LCL.


Gaining Strategic Advantage in the Current Supply Chain Landscape with Buyers Consolidation

The global supply chain landscape is undergoing a powerful transformation due to factors such as the rise of e-commerce, geopolitical tensions, and the ongoing digital revolution. Amidst these shifts, Buyers Consolidation stands out as a powerful strategy for importers and retailers to optimize their logistics, reduce costs, and enhance supply chain resilience. Take a look as we explore the advantages of Buyers Consolidation in the context of the current supply chain environment.


Suppliers handover cargo earlier, free up their factory space sooner, and collect payment sooner. Risk of cargo damage is also significantly reduced.

Service Offering Bundles

Buyers Consolidation can easily be bundled with other Flexport services including but not limit to ocean or air freight, order management, booking management (BCO), 4PL visibility, and carbon offset.

Cost Savings

By improving container utilization, limiting usage of 20 foot containers, decreasing destination labor and infrastructure costs, and reducing inventory levels, Flexport decreases end to end supply chain costs for customers.

LCL-3-3x Container with two factories


Make Consolidation More Efficient

With 300,000+ sqm of global CFS capacity across major origins, Flexport's Buyers Consolidation product empowers customers through proprietary planning technology to create optimal load plans that save time and supply chain costs. Flexport provides access to industry leading online planning functionality that takes the headache of offline planning sheets and emails out of the picture.



Improve Operational Standards and Vendor Compliance at Low Cost

Flexport provides a variety of Value Added Services (VAS) in our CFS locations, and we are always able to customize the service to our customer’s needs.



Get Access to Shipment Highlights, Key Milestones, Load Plans, and Automated Reporting in a Single Platform View

Buyers Consolidation Stock Report gives end to end visibility on bookings, and Flexport’s dashboard provides insight into supply chain performance.

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