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Booking Management

Effortlessly Manage Your Entire Ocean Network on a Single, Intuitive Interface

Flexport’s Booking Management technology allows you to streamline your ocean freight operations, elevate your visibility, and track and optimize performance—on a single, intuitive interface.

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How It Works

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Suppliers place bookings via the Flexport booking app. 

Our team manages the carrier booking process in line with your
allocation strategy.

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Our team communicates between suppliers, carriers, and you.

Our team conducts regular monitoring of volume attainment versus carrier Minimum Quantity Commitments (MQCs) to hold carriers accountable.

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You get access to shipment highlights, key milestones, and automated reporting in a single platform view.

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Optimize Your Logistics Strategy With Flexport Booking Management

We manage carrier-direct and NVO ocean contracts, book shipments on your behalf, and provide shipment tracking from point A to point B. Learn more about how you can optimize your ocean freight logistics strategy with Booking Management in our official launch post.

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