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Air Cargo Tracking With Complete Control

When precision is key, air cargo tracking with Flexport takes you from fast takeoff to safe landing with full visibility. Dictate your terms, timelines, and requirements on the Flexport Platform.

A Single Source of Truth for Air Cargo Tracking

No need to scratch your head over questions when all the information you need is on the Flexport Platform. Beyond anything else, visibility and predictability ensure a smooth flight for your cargo.

Fix Issues, Don’t Just Hear About Them

Air cargo tracking on the Flexport Platform lets you act on real-time notifications to keep your supply chain moving efficiently. Fix exceptions while your cargo is in transit to ensure a soft landing.

Compare Costs and Customize Your Order

On the Flexport Platform, you can build the right shipment process for your business needs. From full containers down to the SKU, get confirmed landed costs so you can avoid surprises later on.

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See Everything From One Control Panel

The Flexport Platform houses and organizes all your data so you can work with the big picture while staying aware of the nitty gritty. Access air cargo tracking from anywhere, at any time to see where your cargo is and how it’s moving.


Go International With Ease

With the Flexport Platform, fly through borders when your cargo is cleared for customs long before it even lands. Work with Flexport Customs Brokers to understand where your costs and savings meet.

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  • Being able to secure space quickly, and knowing that a Thursday airlift means I receive my shipment on Friday, is huge from a supply perspective. With Flexport, we can keep the engine running and fulfilling customer orders, it's the most important thing.

    Brad Audiss

    Production Manager, Molekule

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Air cargo tracking for high-value freight with security protection


Track Your Important Goods and Protect Them, Too

The Flexport Platform offers special protections for your important air cargo. From in-person escorts to geofencing data, ensure extra care for your most critical air cargo. See your shipments move through each milestone and get updates that keep you in control from anywhere.

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The Skies Are Clear With Trusted Data

With all your air cargo tracking data in one place, get insights about your supply chain as shipments are delivered and over time. Leverage the Flexport Platform to use your data towards comparing transit options, analyze performance, or measure success.

Ready to Get Started?

Talk to a supply chain solutions expert to see the Flexport Platform in action.

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