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 Flexport übernimmt Shopify Logistics, einschliesslich Deliverr und erweitert sein Serviceangebot auf der letzten Meile und im E-Commerce Fulfillment. Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie hier.
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Digitise And Optimise
Your Fashion Supply Chain

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Future-Proof Your Fashion Supply Chain

Supply chain disruptions are likely to continue in the future. How are you transforming your supply chain into one that is resilient to challenges?

Flexport offers full-stack technology and logistics solutions to help companies make smarter decisions and plan for any scenario.

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Trusted By 10,000+ Leading Brands

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Take Control Of Your Supply Chain To Respond Demands

Imagine having end-to-end visibility over your products at a SKU-level - from PO creation all the way to final delivery. Even if your products are in transit, your team can make smarter inventory decisions to respond to market demands efficiently.

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Optimize Your Logistics Costs With Data

Access to real-time, robust data analytics and uncover lead-time, supplier performance and other cost-drivers of your supply chain on the Flexport platform. Flexport provides clarity on your landed costs at SKU-level, guarding your product margins.

Flexport Helps NA-KD Revamp Global Closets with Data Driven Decision Making

As one of Europe’s fastest growing e-commerce companies, NA-KD was faced with managing an increasingly complex global supplier network and was coming under constant pressure to fulfil customer orders on short delivery timelines. The business turned to Flexport’s platform to help it manage and gather critical shipment data in one place while providing the visibility needed to manage shipments, properly forecast, communicate with global suppliers and make data driven decisions.


Automate Your Workflows So You Can Focus On What Matters

Your dashboard shows you the exceptions you need to manage and the insights you care about. Plus, with visual alerts and updates from your Flexport team, you can take actions based on exceptions and spend time on more strategic work.

Immediate Exception Management

Learn about exceptions or changes in your shipment’s lifecycle and quickly fix issues before they result in late fees, or delays.

Why Do Fashion Brands Ship With Flexport

Flexport connects 10,000+ customers and suppliers across 116 countries

Maximise Speed-To-Market

Flexport offers multimodal transports on its own charters and BSAs at a highly competitive cost. Our industry experts run analyses of your supply chain to help you build new logistics strategies based on transit time analytics.

Go Carbon Neutral

The Flexport platform provides a carbon calculator, easy reporting tools and carbon offset programs to reduce environmental impacts.

You can easily access accurate CO2 emission analytics across shipments on the platform, or work with our experts on sustainable scenario planning.

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Join 10,000+ companies who choose Flexport. More than just a freight forwarder — the platform for global trade.

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