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 Flexport übernimmt Shopify Logistics, einschliesslich Deliverr und erweitert sein Serviceangebot auf der letzten Meile und im E-Commerce Fulfillment. Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie hier.
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Big Impact Goals? Figure it
Out with Flexport.org

Whether you're just starting out on your sustainability journey or you've built a business that's a force for good, leaders around the world look to Flexport to make their visions a reality.



Making Worldwide Product Donations to Healthcare Workers Possible for FIGS

"We work with hundreds of organizations around the world that help us get clean scrubs to people that need them. Through our partnership with Flexport, we've been able to navigate, find alternative routes, and get products where they need to go." - Trina Spear, Co-Founder and CEO, FIGS


Automating Carbon Offsets for Electronics Manufacturers Like Framework

"We've already offset 1,110 tonnes of CO2e, and that equates to roughly 212 acres of forest over a course of a year with Flexport and their carbon offset partner. This offer was already integrated into the Flexport portal and it was really straightforward." - Amanda McElmurray, Logistics Manager, Framework


Small Steps Towards Sustainability

Get helpful insights from interviews with Green Supply Chain Leaders.

Flexport.Org-Campaign - EGuide


Minimizing Supply Chain Waste for Certified B Corps like Cotopaxi

"We had a shipping container become waterlogged, and those products could no longer be sold. Flexport.org was able to work with an insurance provider to show proof of donation as opposed to proof of destruction." - Annie Agle, Senior Director of Impact and Sustainability, Cotopaxi


Measure and Offset Emissions Automatically from Your Flexport Dashboard

With fragmented and inconsistent data sources, collecting the details you need to report CO2e emissions can be time consuming. Flexport provides brands with powerful tools to easily view emissions across all shipments and find the optimal mix of ocean, rail, air, and trucking to lower their emissions impact.

  • Flexport.org is the heart and soul of Flexport. It’s why the platform for global logistics is also a platform for global good.

    Ryan Petersen
    Founder, Co-CEO


Reducing CO2e Emissions for Sustainable Fashion Brands Like O My Bag

"Shipping by sea takes around three months while shipping by air takes around three days. Flexport has been very helpful in improving our forecasting and getting insights on those exact emissions, so we can plan ahead to reduce our overall impact." - Femke Logerink, Sustainability Manager, O My Bag


Helping Tricon Energy Calculate a Baseline for Carbon Footprint Reporting

"We had thousands of data points, and we were able to use Flexport tools to estimate the transport footprint from or logistics impact in our sustainability report. It's not common for our industry to report publicly, so that was a big achievement for us." - Elizabeth Carlson, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tricon

More on Sustainability from Flexport

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