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Amazon Market Update: January 26, 2018

Delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses has been affected by weather conditions and port congestion.

Amazon Market Update: January 26, 2018

Delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses is subject to outside factors, including weather and shortages. See our U.S. Trucking Market Update: Winter 2018 for more information on the drayage situation at several U.S. ports. 

Your Flexport operations team will keep you updated on any possible delays.

Trucking to Amazon FBA Warehouses


Some delivery appointments were pushed back at Atlanta fulfillment centers due to the snow and inclement weather, and fulfillment centers may still be working through some backlogs, causing delays. Goods may need to be put into storage while waiting for the next delivery appointment. Storage is charged per pallet, per week. 


Wait times at ONT8 are currently between 3-6 hours, so delivery to Amazon may incur a trucking wait fee. This can happen even if a shipment has a delivery appointment, because wait time is accrued as the trucker waits in line to check in with the Amazon fulfillment center. 

Truckers can’t arrive earlier in order to avoid long lines, because Amazon has recently instituted restrictions on how early truckers can arrive to make their appointment. If the truckers arrive too early, they risk being turned away. 

Because so many truckers deliver to ONT8 on a given day, any delays in unloading or late arrivals have a cascade effect on Amazon delivery operations.


Due to trucking backups in Houston/Dallas, truckers are staying away from delivering to FTW1 in Dallas. Because fewer truckers are willing to deliver to FTW1, delivery may be more expensive, and/or delivery appointments may be pushed back. Goods may need to be put in storage while waiting for the next delivery appointment. 

See below for additional tips on shipping to Amazon FBA:

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