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Classification 101 (7 MIN)

Introduction to Classification

Decode the details of classification. Learn what all those digits mean and why they matter for your supply chain.

Your Key Takeaways

Customs officials use a harmonized system of numeric codes to classify goods. You can crack the codes if you know how the digits break down.

Chapters and headings in the HS codes determine the terms of classification first. After that, other digits determine localized tariffs.

General Rules of Interpretation, aka GRIs, govern how to choose the correct HS codes. Know your GRIs to narrow down classification.

Go Further

Expand your knowledge. Explore related topics to enhance your knowledge and skills.

3 Lessons (7 MIN)

Global Trade Factors 101

Learn the key factors that impact global trade including policy, technology, macroeconomics, and more.

3 Kurse


Lernen Sie die Grundlagen des Lkw-Transports kennen und erfahren Sie, warum er bei (fast) jedem Transport eine wichtige Rolle spielt.

3 Lessons (5 MIN)

Shipment Visibility 101

Learn where shipment visibility data is sourced and how understanding your cargo’s location can help your business make informed decisions.