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Supply Chain Snapshots - News of the Week (Mar. 20, 2023)

Monday, March 20, 2023

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1. Boeing and Airbus Intensify Search for Skilled Talent in India

(Read on Supply Chain Brain)

With an average of 1.5 million yearly graduates in engineering, as well as an established manufacturing sector, India is well positioned for growth in these sectors. Boeing and Airbus are joining a parade of companies across industries looking to expand their footprint on the subcontinent.

2. West Coast Wipeout: Los Angeles, Long Beach Imports Still Sinking

(Read on FreightWaves)

The Port of Los Angeles has now dropped to third place for throughput at a U.S. port, behind the Port of New York and New Jersey and its own neighbor, the Port of Long Beach. Total throughput at LA in February dropped to 487,846—that’s a drop of 43% year on year. The article quotes Nerijus Poskus, Flexport’s VP of Ocean Strategy, as saying “I think a lot of the transition from the West Coast to the East Coast is permanent.”

3. MSC Takes Delivery of the World’s Biggest Ultra Large Container Ship

(Read on The Maritime Executive)

The largest container ship ever built—with a carry capacity of 24,346 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs)—launched last week. Owned by Bank of Communications Financial Leasing, the ship is chartered to Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). Chinese officials took the opportunity of the MSC Irinia’s maiden voyage from Zhoushan to highlight the developing expertise of the country’s shipbuilding industry, giving the more established builders in Korea and Japan a run for their money.

4. Port of Oakland Calls for Zero Emissions, Cargo-Handling Plans

(Read on Maritime Logistics Professional)

Tenants at the Port of Oakland have until the end of the year to present plans for decarbonizing their Cargo Handling Equipment (CHE). Port of Oakland Executive Director Danny Wan says this is part of their larger expansion plans, which include reaching zero-emission status.

5. Food Giants Cash In on ‘Pet Parents’ Buying Gourmet Meals for ‘Fur Babies’

(Read on FreightWaves)

“Premium pet food,” a non-legally defined market segment, is on the rise in a big, big way. Two factors seem to be feeding this momentum. First is the boom in pet ownership that started during the pandemic, and second is the growing number of high-earning households opting to not have children. And since everybody wants to feed their children as healthfully as possible, these four-footed ‘fur babies’ are getting food with ingredient lists that match many human offerings.

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This is Flexport's mark (alternative). It's the Flexport mark with white.

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