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How and USA for UNHCR Provide Life-Saving Assistance to Displaced People Around the World

How and USA for UNHCR Provide Life-Saving Assistance to Displaced People Around the World


June 20 is World Refugee Day. While it is crucial to protect and improve the lives of refugees every single day, international days of recognition like this help focus global attention on the plight of those fleeing conflict or persecution—by shining a light on the rights, needs, and dreams of refugees and helping to mobilize political will and resources so those affected can not only survive, but thrive.

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The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is the UN agency with a mandate to protect and assist refugees, internally displaced people, stateless people, and others forced to flee their homes due to violence and persecution. USA for UNHCR, the national partner organization of UNHCR in the U.S., works with corporate and foundation partners to support the UN Refugee Agency’s humanitarian work to protect and assist refugees and displaced people around the world. Working in over 130 countries, the agency provides life-saving assistance such as shelter, food, water, health care, and education to millions of people in need.

This year Flexport is proud to stand with USA for UNHCR as a partner in championing inclusion and hope for all displaced people.

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Aid Impact By The Numbers

  • 230,538: The number of pounds of aid cargo delivered by and USA for UNHCR to Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine, and Turkey.
  • 2: Major disasters and USA for UNHCR have activated urgent airlifts to provide aid, the conflict in Ukraine and the earthquakes in Turkey/Syria.
  • 195,000: Pounds of aid, including 100,000 pairs of warm winter boots, delivered to refugees displaced by the conflict in Ukraine.
  • 22: Shipments of clothing, blankets, and tents that have been delivered since the partnership between and USA for UNHCR , providing comfort and protection to approximately 200,000 refugees.

Working Together for Good: and USA for UNHCR and USA for UNHCR have partnered together since October of 2022 to provide refugees better access to important services and solutions for thriving in the communities where they’ve found refuge. Our partnership approach is holistic—we aim to provide comprehensive and innovative support to streamline USA for UNHCR's supply chain and ultimately maximize the humanitarian aid reaching those who need it. When transporting freight shipments, Flexport leverages our supply chain professionals to identify and implement targeted solutions, including assistance with port selection, routing, and optimal modal mix.

The Flexport platform also allows USA for UNHCR and its network of partners to have greater visibility and better coordination across their shipments. The resulting time-savings and efficiencies allow USA for UNHCR staff to focus more time on programmatic outreach rather than logistics. By also using the Fund, supported by Tech for Refugees, to provide supplemental in-kind transportation, we can further streamline aid delivery and empower USA for UNHCR to mobilize immediately during a disaster response—regardless of internal transportation budgets.

Flexport brings logistics expertise, a wide portfolio of available services, and a robust tech platform while USA for UNHCR brings experience and a dedication to humanitarian aid to those most in need—together we’ve built a sustainable and impactful partnership to supply aid to the most vulnerable communities around the world.

“USA for UNHCR's work is not possible without the help of our partners, especially those in the aviation and transport sector. In some situations, air transport is the only way to deliver timely humanitarian relief to remote or insecure areas. Partners like Flexport play a vital role in enabling us to reach the most vulnerable and respond quickly to emergencies.”

  • Joanne Gouaux, Director of Gift in Kind Social Impact, USA for UNHCR

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Key Takeaways

1. is proud to work with USA for UNHCR to deliver aid and transportation solutions to refugees around the world on World Refugee Day, and every other day of the year.


The collaboration has already delivered over 230,000 pounds of aid to refugees of conflict and natural disaster in countries like Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, and Turkey.

3. and USA for UNHCR have activated urgent airlifts to provide aid to refugees from the conflict in Ukraine and the earthquakes in Turkey/Syria.

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