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Freight Shipping

Freight Shipping Made Easy With Flexport. Take Control of Your Supply Chain.

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Unprecedented Visibility and Control in Freight Shipping—From PO Creation All the Way to Final Delivery

Accelerate performance and growth for your entire supply chain. Ship to and from anywhere. Track freight shipments. Collaborate with everyone. Now you can do it all in one place with Flexport’s logistics platform:

  • Improve end-to-end visibility and purchase order management
  • Book and plan shipments across ocean, air, and land
  • Clear customs ahead of time
  • Insure your cargo and protect your goods
  • Access working capital and claim duty drawback
  • Access our logistics and customs experts, reporting tools, and analytics

Talk to Our Expert About Your Shipping Needs Today

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Every Milestone. Real-Time Insights. All in One Place

Unlock a complete view of your supply chain. Flexport tracks shipments for end-to-end oversight across multiple forwarders and carriers, all in the Flexport Platform or via integrations.

Replace the hunt for updates with a powerful centralized resource. Get seamless, real-time notifications of milestones and exceptions. Search, filter, and collaborate on urgent cargo in minutes. A broader view informs smarter decisions for fewer downstream impacts.

Wir finden neue Wege - Für Branchenführer, mittelständische Unternehmen und Start-ups

"“Flexport liefert mir genau die Datengrundlage, auf der ich meine täglichen Logistikentscheidungen jederzeit faktenbasiert genau treffen kann.”" (1)

Riyadh Rashid, Demand Planning and Supply Chain Manager Ergobaby

"“Die mit Flexport mögliche Transparenz unserer Lieferkette setzt Ressourcen frei, die wir heute wieder ungebremst für unser Kerngeschäft einsetzen können – die Entwicklung und Produktion innovativer LED-Leuchtsysteme.”" (1)

Benjamin Penderock, Product Manager DOTLUX

"Wir sind jetzt in der Lage, wirklich vorausschauend zu agieren. Die erhöhte Transparenz macht uns flexibler und wir profitieren von der umfassenden Informationsverfügbarkeit auf vielen Ebenen im Unternehmen, auch über die Logistik hinaus.” (1)

Patrick Gehrer, Geschäftsführer und Head of Supply Chain Management MediaShop AG

Easy On-Boarding to Modern Freight Forwarding

We believe that elevating your logistics starts with improving visibility. Get started with Flexport’s premium freight forwarder software to streamline your supply chain across air, ocean, and land.

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When shipping to or from the United States, Flexport’s Ocean services offer more visibility, reliability, and savings potential.

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Get the US-tailored solutions—backed by data and led by experts—to optimize your air strategy and increase ROI.

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Gain transparency and peace of mind with our integrated tracking tools and our vetted transport partners.

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