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Egmont & Flexport

You’re a trailblazing media corporation setting the standard in the industry. A strategy which is paying off, with solid financial performance delivering a revenue growth of 11% in 2022.

Together, we can quickly improve the visibility and sustainability of your supply chain, facilitating your strategic priorities to drive growth and improve your Scope 3 emissions targets.

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“Our strategy is to grow with the modern consumer, scaling up and standing out.”*

Steffen Kragh, CEO, Egmont

    Get Ahead of Growth

    When it comes to innovation in media, we know you’re an established challenger in most markets and a leader in some. But there’s still room for growth.

    You need a partner that can match your agility, helping you increase efficiency, predictability and sustainability by maintaining a consistent view of your supply chain – at a glance and in real-time. So you can continue to grow with the modern consumer.

    Working Together

    We know being strategic and ambitious to be the best in your industry sets you apart from your competitors. So, when things become unclear in your supply chain, you need the visibility to act quickly and decisively. Because what can be seen can be managed, and what can be managed can unlock value. It’s time to accelerate your supply chain transformation by improving visibility and operational efficiency while deepening your understanding of what Scope 3 emissions you’re producing and finding the optimal mix of ocean, rail, air, and trucking to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

    Resources to Help You Close Your Supply Chain Gap

    Global Ocean Carriers Halt Red Sea Transits – What to Expect

    Read our current recommendations and follow along for continued updates following attacks on commercial ships routing via the Suez.


    Poor visibility, disconnected networks and complex emissions tracking can hold your supply chain back. In our guide, we’re tackling these problems with strategic solutions to help you unlock value in your supply chain.

    On-Demand Webinar

    Would you like to stay one step ahead of unpredictability and prepare for next year's growth? Rewatch our latest webinar on demand to learn more about closing the gaps in your supply chain.

    Emissions Calculator

    Sustainability Starts with Awareness. Take the first step in building a greener future, measure your freight emissions today with's Open Emissions Calculator.

    Why The World's Best Brands Choose Flexport


    "The Flexport team has really invested time and energy into the relationship with us and our suppliers. At every stage of our partnership, they have been flexible, agile, and determined to do the best thing for our business."

    Hans Danhof (Supply Chain Director, Blokker)

    Mous Logo

    "I’m extremely impressed by the Flexport system – with how user-friendly it is, and how good report building is. It’s by far the best on the market"

    James Day (Co-Founder & Operations Director, Mous)

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    "The most frictionless piece of our supply chain is our freight forwarder."

    Jimmy Standley (President, Solé Bicycles)

    Want to Close the Visibility and Sustainability Gap in Your Supply Chain?