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Hey ebm-papst!

ebm-papst & Flexport

You’re a trailblazing manufacturer with a purpose to drive sustainability, digitalisation, innovation, and the promotion of young talent.

And you’re delivering on these goals, fuelled by solid financial performance with a record turnover of €2.540 billion – an increase of almost 11% from last year.

Together, we can improve the sustainability and control of your supply chains quickly to achieve CO2-neutral production by 2025.

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“We see huge potential in renewable energies, data centres and air conditioning, with heat pumps being a good example of an area where demand for certain products has multiplied over a short period.” *

Klaus Geißdörfer, CEO, ebm-papst

    Get Ahead of Change

    When it comes to innovation in manufacturing, we know you’re a leader in most markets. But there’s still room for improved digital transformation.

    You need a partner who can understand your sustainability initiatives to help you find the optimal mix of ocean, rail, air, and trucking to lower your supply chain’s greenhouse gas emissions. So that you can achieve your target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025.

    Working Together

    We know being sustainable is a part of your DNA. So, when things become unclear in your supply chain, you need the visibility to act quickly and decisively. Because what can be seen can be managed, and what can be managed can unlock value. It’s time to advance towards climate neutrality by finding the optimal mix of ocean, rail, air, and trucking to lower your supply chain’s greenhouse gas emissions.

    Why The World's Best Brands Choose Flexport


    "Even in difficult situations, we have a firm grip on the latest information. In Flexport, we have a truly dependable partner at our side who is always able to respond quickly to our questions."

    Benjamin Penderock (Product Manager, DOTLUX)


    “Our first year was all about showing us the missing links in our supply chain. Flexport helped us find them, fix them, and streamline them. We saw significant savings."

    RoxAnne Thomas (U.S. Transportation Manager, Gerber)


    "I had worked with Flexport before and knew we would have access to specialist people that would proactively keep us informed and guide us through the process."

    Ghislain Liabeuf (Operations and Logistics Director, Rensair)

    Want to Close the Visibility Gap in Your Supply Chain?