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Hey Bru Textiles!

Bru Textiles & Flexport

You’re a textiles innovator with a purpose: to be a “Forever Company”, with agility and sustainability across the supply chain. And you’re delivering on that goal, with significant growth since 2020 and a 15% increase in profit last year.

Together, we can help you make networking easier across your supply chains, improving communication and collaboration and driving growth.

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“We know all our customers personally. We know their families; we’re very close. It’s a very close-knit industry, even though there are thousands and thousands of players.”*

Gary Neiman, CEO

    Powerful Partnerships, Sustainable Growth

    When it comes to the close-knit textiles industry, we know you value efficient, effective working relationships. You need the tools to make collaboration and communication easier than ever, so you can unlock the power of partnership and continue to grow as a forward-thinking, sustainability-first textiles innovator.

    Working Together

    We know being well-connected is key to your success. You need the tools to communicate quickly and decisively to resolve issues in real-time. You can’t improve sustainability and promote industry-wide change alone; innovation requires collaboration. It’s time to unlock the power of partnership.

    Why The World's Best Brands Choose Flexport


    "Even in difficult situations, we have a firm grip on the latest information. In Flexport, we have a truly dependable partner at our side who is always able to respond quickly to our questions."

    Benjamin Penderock (Product Manager, DOTLUX)


    “Our first year was all about showing us the missing links in our supply chain. Flexport helped us find them, fix them, and streamline them. We saw significant savings."

    RoxAnne Thomas (U.S. Transportation Manager, Gerber)


    "I had worked with Flexport before and knew we would have access to specialist people that would proactively keep us informed and guide us through the process."

    Ghislain Liabeuf (Operations and Logistics Director, Rensair)

    Want to Close the Network Gap in Your Supply Chain?