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Ship From China to United States with Unprecedented Visibility and Control.

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Flexport has freight forwarding teams in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong specialised in handling daily and weekly shipments across Ocean, Air and Rail. Our combination of technology, infrastructure and expertise make supply chains more transparent, more agile, more efficient, and more profitable.

Start Shipping From China


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Wir finden neue Wege - Für Branchenführer, mittelständische Unternehmen und Start-ups

"Alle Daten und Informationen zu einer Sendung sind mit dem gesamten Kommunikationsverlauf im Flexport-System auf einen Blick sichtbar."

Riyadh Rashid, Demand Planning and Supply Chain Manager Ergobaby

"Mit Flexport haben wir einen wirklich verlässlichen Partner an der Seite, der auf alle unsere Fragen jederzeit eine schnelle Antwort hat."

Benjamin Penderock, Product Manager DOTLUX

"Die Echtzeitdaten aus der Flexport-Plattform sind für uns und unsere Kunden von größtem Wert. Sie optimieren die Kommunikation und Planung."

Rafael Haymann, Head of Operations Horizn Studios

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China Shipping Keys to Success

Insist on full visibility from origin to destination for all shipments. Proactively manage suppliers with automated order management, while closing any gaps with logistics partners. Flexport’s platform for global logistics puts it all within reach.

Approach China With Insight

China makes much of what the world takes. Flexport freight forwarding gives you the visibility and control to take greater advantage of all that China offers.

One Seamless World. No More Black Box.

Look around your room. Everything you see was built all over the world. Yet, though we're more connected than ever, our ability to ship, store, and trade goods has remained fragmented. It takes up to 20 companies to move one shipment, each with its own systems and processes. Flexport’s Platform simplifies global trade by connecting everyone in the supply chain. We’re setting a new standard for global trade.

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Dedicated Customer Service, Backed by Data

Always-on access to a dedicated service team that sees the data you see: real-time tracking, exception alerts, inventory insights. So every conversation is in context. And every interaction is more productive.

Extra Advantage in Every Mode

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