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How to Adjust Your Notification Settings

Customize your notification settings in order to be notified about your shipments as frequently -- or infrequently -- as necessary.


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You may want to customize how often, and by what means, Flexport notifies you about the status of each of your shipments. We’ve got you covered!

First, log in and go to your account settings. You can get there via the upper right-hand corner of the screen -- click on your account icon and then click My Account.

When your account settings pop up, choose Notifications near the top. You’ll see this screen:

Here, you can choose which updates you'd like to receive, which shipping milestones you’d like to be notified about, and how you’d like to be notified.

News and Updates

There are three optional updates you can sign up for:

  • Daily Shipment Digest: If you opt in to the daily digest, you will receive an email every morning (PST), with information about any shipments that have had updates in the last 24 hours. (If none of your subscribed shipments have had updates in the previous 24 hours, you will not receive a daily digest!)
  • Weekly Shipment Digest: If you opt in to the weekly digest, you will receive a weekly compilation of updates for all of your active shipments. The weekly digest is sent on Monday mornings (PST).
  • The Newsletter: Checking this box means that you will receive our quarterly client newsletter, as well as semi-regular industry news.


Notifications are divided into different categories, so that you can choose which stages of a shipment you’d like to hear about. Here’s what each category covers:

  • Freight Quotes and Booking: New quotes are ready for your review; booking confirmations.
  • Exceptions and messages: Schedule changes or delays; customs holds or exams; document issues; messages and questions from your dedicated account management team.
  • Billing: Invoices and invoice-related notifications. (The primary billing contact will receive these notifications regardless of other users’ notification settings.)

You can also control how -- and whether -- you receive notifications within each of those three categories. For example, you may not want to receive any notifications about billing, but perhaps you do want to be notified about exceptions and messages. Within each category, here are your notification options:

  • In-App Notifications Only: You won’t receive any emails about your shipments within that category, but when you log into Flexport, you’ll be able to access all recent notes and updates via your Notification Center (the globe icon in the upper-right toolbar):

  • Email and In-App Notifications: Any milestone that generates an in-app notification will also send you an email. The email will include a direct link to the relevant shipment.
  • No Notifications: You won’t receive any information via email, and your notification center will not populate with new messages. You will still be able to access shipment information as necessary within the platform.

Subscribing to Shipments

Your notification settings will only apply to shipments for which you are a subscriber. If you aren’t subscribed to any shipments, you won’t receive any notifications.

You can automatically subscribe to all shipments (in your My Account settings, per the screenshot above), or you can choose which shipments you’d like to follow. This option is available within each shipment, near the top of the page:

For each individual shipment, you can add or remove subscribers by clicking on the Subscribers drop-down menu.

Can I edit the notification settings for other users?

Yes, if you're an admin (learn more about user roles here). You’ll have the ability to do this for a new user immediately after you invite them. You can also adjust their notifications anytime via the Settings tab:

Choose Users, then click on the Actions button for each user in order to adjust their notification settings.

If you have any other questions about notifications, please contact your Flexport team!

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