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(Senior/Staff) DevOps Engineer, Product Infrastructure


IT, Security & Infrastructure



(Senior/Staff) DevOps Engineer, Product Infrastructure

(Senior/Staff) DevOps Engineer, Product Infrastructure

Build the infrastructure to help Flexport scale

The opportunity

As an infrastructure engineer in Flexport, you will be part of the team building our next generation infrastructure and DevOps toolset for exciting new technologies that shape the future. 

Product infrastructure team plays a critical role in this journey. As a product infrastructure engineer, you will work in a highly collaborative and fast-changing environment, and focus on improving every aspect of developer experience, service infrastructure, and performance of our services with DevOps best practice.

We are rapidly growing our engineering organization across multiple time zones and regions.

We are expanding our product infrastructure team across multiple regions now. 

You will

  • Design and implement complex, scalable, enterprise-level architectures
  • Build CI/CD pipelines and DevX tools to improve developer experience and productivity
  • Build and improve our next generation core infrastructure
  • Ensure infrastructure / security standards are being followed
  • Working in global infrastructure / DevOps teams and collaboration cross regions

You should have

  • Expertise with cloud platform such as AWS, GCP, Azure or similar
  • Familiar with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation
  • Proficient with containerization and cluster management technologies like docker and kubernetes, experience with AWS ECS, EKS is preferred
  • In-depth knowledge of CI/CD systems such as Jenkins, GitHub Actions
  • Proficient in at least one scripting language like Shell, Python, Ruby etc
  • Preferably 6+ years of relevant work experience in Linux environments
  • Extensive experience with Logging, Monitoring, Application Performance Management and other observations tools
  • Knowledge on Network and Security
  • DevOps and on-call mindset, strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to quickly learn new and existing technologies
  • Ability to communicate and work in English as a daily basis

资深 DevOps 工程师


  • 设计和实施可靠、可扩展的企业级架构
  • 构建 CI/CD 流水线和 DevX 工具以提高生产力和工程团队体验
  • 构建和优化下一代核心云平台基础设施
  • 确保遵循基础设施及安全相关标准
  • 作为全球基础设施/DevOps 团队成员进行跨区域协作


  • 具备云平台的相关专业知识,如 AWS、GCP、Azure 或类似平台
  • 熟悉基础设施即代码 (IaC) 工具,如 Terraform、CloudFormation
  • 精通 docker、kubernetes等容器化和集群管理技术,有AWS ECS、EKS经验者优先
  • 深入了解 Jenkins、GitHub Actions 等主要 CI/CD 系统
  • 精通至少一种脚本语言,如Shell、Python、Ruby等
  • 有 6 年以上 Linux 环境工作经验
  • 在日志记录、监控、应用程序性能管理和其他观察工具方面拥有丰富的经验
  • 具备必要的网络与安全知识
  • 主动的 DevOps 和 Oncall 的心态,强大的问题解决能力
  • 能够快速学习新技术和现有技术栈
  • 能够熟练使用英语进行交流和工作


  • 熟悉 Terraform, CloudFormation 等 Infra-as-Code 基础设施即代码框架和工具
  • 熟悉 AWS ECS, EKS 等 Kubernetes 集群管理服务
  • 有企业级云平台基础设置搭建和管理经验

About Flexport

Flexport believes global trade can move the human race forward. Our mission is to make global trade easier for everyone. To achieve this, we’re building the “Operating System for Global trade” — a combination of modern, internet era technology & data analytics; logistics infrastructure; and supply chain expertise. 

Flexport connects ~10k clients and suppliers across >100 countries, including established global brands like Georgia-Pacific as well as emerging innovators like Sonos. Founded in 2013, we've raised >$1.3B from SoftBank, Founders Fund, GV, First Round Capital and YC. We’re excited to start seriously scaling up after our recent $1B investment from SoftBank’s Vision Fund early this year.

Worried about not having any freight forwarding experience?

  • Don’t be! We’re building the first Operating System for Global Trade. That’s why it’s incredibly important for us to bring people from diverse backgrounds and experiences together with our industry veterans to help move the freight forwarding industry forward.
  • What’s freight forwarding and why does it matter? Freight forwarding is the coordination and shipment of goods from one place to another and it’s what makes global trade possible. Flexport is on a mission to make global trade easier for everyone because we believe it can help connect the world and break down economic barriers.
  • We know this industry is complex. That’s why we invest in education starting day one with Flexport Academy, a one week intensive onboarding program designed specifically to set every new Flexport employee up for success. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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